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Reform institution travel policies

The need for action

Maximising the take-up of Flight Free pledges is a priority. Organisations can do a lot of the groundwork by establishing a leadership role in encouraging this take-up. Get your climate action group, community organisation, NGO, workplace or business on board supporting the Flight Free pledge.

Goals and targets

The establishment of a community of organisations who have adopted a DePlaning Plan.

How we get there

Establish a DePlaning Plan template for businesses and organisations to use in developing their own Plan. Such a template could include commitments to:

  • encourage employees to make the Flight Free pledge;
  • assign responsibility to selected personnel for the education of all employees around the Plans goals;
  • ensure personnel policies that promote DePlaning;
  • sharing their experience in progressing their Plan with other like-minded organisations;
  • audit, evaluate and report on progress annually; and
  • make public the adoption of this DePlaning Plan, by placing a link to our Plan on the home page of our website, and by as many other means as possible.
The state of play
Well worth the read is Chapter 7 Institutional change of travel policies of Stay Grounded’s valuable report Regrowth aviation: Reducing air travel in a just way.

De-Planing organisations
Can you help with this campaign?

With researching the issue?
With mapping a path to the goal?
With lobbying policy makers?
With spreading the word?