The Flight Free 2021 Pledge

I understand that to avoid catastrophic global heating and its consequences for society we need emergency individual and collective responses that reduce aviation emissions to zero as soon as humanly possible.

I pledge to be Flight Free for the next 12 months. 

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The Pledge to Stay Grounded

Please consider taking the Stay Grounded international network’s Pledge… within Australia and/or overseas and for one year or from now.

We live in a world of deep inequalities, and economic and racial injustice. Where climate friendly travel is not accessible to everyone. And where flying is the privilege of very few globally.

This year we have remained grounded to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Let’s now continue to stay grounded to stop the spread of global warming aviation emissions.

Pledging is an immediate climate emergency response. It’s the single largest emissions reduction you can make. It’s an inspiring example to friends and colleagues. It’s walking the “emergency” talk to government and business.

8 pledges for 2021

76 pledges for 2020

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