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End tax exemptions

The need for action

Airplane fuel’s tax-free status could soon be grounded in Europe with the Commission recently calling for an end to kerosene’s exemption. Let’s do the same.

Goals and targets

Government commitment via legislation to the levying of fuel tax on all aviation fuel used in Australia of an amount at least 5 times that of other transport fuel taxes.

How we get there

By researching the issue, mapping a path to the campaign goal, lobbying policy makers and spreading the word.

The state of play
• Check out the Stay Grounded webinar Frequent Flyer Levy: Tackling the injustice of flying.
• For a discussion of measures to reduce air traffic in a just way, by levies, taxes and limits on flights and airports check out this Stay grounded webinar Taxes or limits?
• Well worth the read is Chapter 2 Eliminating tax exemptions: kerosene and ticket tax, carbon and tax of Stay Grounded’s valuable report Regrowth aviation: Reducing air travel in a just way.
Can you help with this campaign?

With researching the issue?
With mapping a path to the goal?
With lobbying policy makers?
With spreading the word?