By way of introduction to the six issues we campaign on, Magdalena Heuwieser, co-founder of the anti-aviation campaign network Stay Grounded, discusses here seven strategies to reduce flying and build a just transport system.

Pledge to be Flight Free

Make your pledge to be Flight Free for the next 12 months and join a growing global movement now in Sweden, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Denmark and USA.

End tax exemptions

Airplane fuel’s tax-free status could soon be grounded in Europe with the Commission recently calling for an end to kerosene’s exemption. Let’s do the same.

Stop airport expansions

On the back of expected passenger demand growth, new airports and expansions to existing airports, including new runways, are in the works for Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth. 

Enable demand reduction policies

Personal carbon quotas that shrink each year and frequent flyer levies that increase as you take more flights are two regulatory approaches to passenger demand reduction. 

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