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Webinar: Flying into disaster?


Why flying is no longer sustainable (and what to do about it)

In the climate emergency, flying had become challenging to justify. As the crisis hit every continent in 2022, we have seen that the drastic changes long called for can be delayed no longer.

Flight Free Australia Pledgers are Australians who have made a pledge not to fly to mitigate the climate impact of aviation since 2019.  Why have we done this? Why do we need to stop flying? And how can stopping flying lead to a safer climate? In many ways the individual decision to stop flying is a means to an end: much more must be done to reduce aviation emissions.

In this talk, Flight Free Australia will explain the emissions impact of aviation and how Flight Free Pledgers manage to get around quite happily without it! They will show the imperative to make the change personally, and how we can work at the local, industry, state, infrastructure, federal and international levels to push along the big changes required to have a chance of a safe legacy.