Ongoing emissions from

… greenwashed fuels and engines


The aviation industry uses marketing greenwash and accounting tricks to mislead you into thinking that actual flight emissions from ‘Sustainable’ Aviation Fuel (SAF) are a fraction of those from fossil jet fuel. A jet never burns pure SAF, so a common 50:50 blend with fossil jet fuel doubles claimed emissions. And actual flight CO2 emissions are additionally more than claimed, by the amount of CO2 drawn down in making the fuel. Furthermore SAF still creates non-CO2 emissions twice as warming as actual flight CO2 emissions.

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… offsets

When all sectors need to reduce their emissions to zero, the aviation industry buys/offsets the reductions of others in order to grow its own emissions. When the planet is already dangerously hot, offsets steal carbon drawdown needed to cool the planet to excuse further emissions.

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… delusional reduction scenarios

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Net zero emissions by 2050 allows ongoing emissions and subtracts from them carbon drawdown needed to cool an already dangerously hot planet 

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… growth in flights


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… non-CO2 emissions

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… advertising greenwash

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… tourism

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… flying less

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Reducing emissions by

… grounded travel


Albanese’s high-speed rail body yet to appoint CEO or begin planning any train projects

… personal choice

The Somerset family travelling to Australia without flying

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… protest

Mass civil disobedience at Belgium airports and protests against destructive mega projects in Mexico highlighting aviation as the pinnacle of climate injustice

Demands regarding aviation