• October 2020

Vocals • Arabella Davison, Jan ‘Yarn’ Wositzky, Mark Carter
Sound recording and mixing • Bruce Armstrong
Production • Mark Carter, Jan ‘Yarn’ Wositzky

Music sources

“I still call Australia home” • Universal Music Publishing Group Instrumental version •

Visual sources
Qantas jet landing video • MitchP
NY subway photo • Patrick Cashin/NY Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Manhatten image • John Blackford
Flooded Rio • Rex Features
Thames Barrier photo • Paula Joyce/Dreamstime
Between the clouds video • Ron Wesson
Mass jet takeoff image • Mike Kelly
Woman on balcony photo • Daniiielc/iStock Photo
Takeoff window view video • Videvo
Contrails photo • Gajus/iStock Photo
Coastal storm damage photo • Unknown
Flooded town aerial photo • Ian Hitchcock/Getty Images
Coastal storm damage photo • Peter Rae/Fairfax Media
Bushfire aerial photo • Glen Morey
Bleached coral reef photo • Unknown
Woman and child • D.Peled/ReutersAAP
Flooded town photo • Andesign101/iStock Photo
Refugees photo • Arpan Munier/UN
Bushfire aerial photo • EPA-EFE
Drought on farm photo • Unknown
Refugees photo • Stoyan Nenov/Reuters
Plane landing video • Free High Quality Video Production Footage Clips
Koala rescue video • WSLS
205,468 flights tracked on 13 July 2018 • Flightradar24
Qantas jet photo • ermingut/iStock Photo
Qantas jet photo • Ryan Fletcher/iStock Photo
Qantas jet photo • ermingut/iStock Photo
Harrington, NSW bushfire photo • Kelly-Ann Oosterbeek/Agence France-Presse
Parliament House, Canberra in bushfire haze photo • Daniiielc/iStock Photo